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Sooooo bored! When did everything started to get so boring? I used to always have something I wanted to do & for the past few days I can't figure what to do..... or apart from the things I could be doing but don't want to do that is. Was at work all day today & you'd think I'd be tired but I get home & yes I am tired but my mind is still working & want something to do but nothing comes to mind that in my current state I would do.

When did it get so boring?

What I really want to do right is draw or paint but I'd have to clean & organize my paint room to do so & that isn't on the list. I think by the time I get done in there I'd really be tired & then what ever happened to me drawing & painting? GAH!!

I have so many projects I'd like to do but there's just so many that I don't even know where to start! So many great projects with great potential... I wish I had a maid ha ha. Yeah I need a maid first or a personal organizer & oh a cook ha ha. Need money first though..... Does anyone want to clean my house & cook for me for free? Um I'll trade that for a painting :D
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