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How can a person act so horrrible & think what they're doing is ok? How do they not see that their actions are causing more problems for themsleves? It baffles the mind really. I am supporting a friend in court & her ex-boyfriend is actually arguing with the judge & his own lawyer. You know someone is stupid when their own lawyer tells them to stop talking. I wish I was able to record it because it was priceless on how moronic he was & just did'nt know when to keep his mouth shut. How can someone be that way? I don't understand their side or can even try to look through that persons eyes & see or hear what they are that's different from what I'm witnessing? Sheesh, just unbelieveale that's all. I guess thats what all the terrible people in life must be like, some how they see & hear something so different from what the rest of us do & that makes them the way they are..... maybe.

And now that I'm home from all that, I'm so drained & tired. Need a pick me up from all that negative energy but it's too late in the day to nap..... nuts